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4 Things That Can Harm Your Roof

Although the roof is an integral part of a house, it's one that's often overlooked. Many homeowners don't notice a roofing problem until something has gone wrong. What started out as a minor problem can quickly become a major issue if not addressed early on. It's important to know the factors that can cause harm to your roof so you can minimize or prevent the damage altogether. Here are some things you may not know can cause damage to your roof.

1. Inadequate Maintenance. Not performing routine roof maintenance can lead to roof damage and premature failure. The roofing experts at TAMKO Building Products recommend getting your roof inspected at least twice a year, during the spring and fall. A routine roof inspection will bring any potential problems to light so that they can be resolved before they spiral out of control and lead to expensive repairs. Along with professional inspections, you can use binoculars to periodically inspect the health of your roof. Some warning signs to look out for include ponding water, granule loss, and loose, buckled, cracked and missing shingles.

2. Wind. A heavy gust of wind can tear loose or damaged shingles off the roof, leaving the roofing materials underneath exposed to UV damage, rain and other adverse weather conditions. This makes your home susceptible to leaks and mold and mildew, among other problems. After a storm or windy day, assess the condition of your shingles to ensure they are still intact and free of damage.

3. Fallen Tree Branches. Wind, rain and snow can cause weak tree branches from nearby trees to fall onto your roof. Tree branches and limbs put excess weight on your roof and can lead to roof collapse if the weight is heavy enough. Also, fallen tree branches cause debris, including sticks, leaves and pine needles, to accumulate on the roof and create a mound of mulch that retains moisture, resulting in dry rot and weakened shingles.

4. Snow and Ice. If you live in an area that's prone to cold temperatures, then ice and snow can present a problem for your roof. When snow melts, it can refreeze along the eaves and form an ice dam. Ice dams cause snow and water to back up on the roof, and water can seep into your home underneath the shingles.

These are some issues that can cause harm to your roof. If damage does occur, contact a roofing technician to come out and repair the problem as soon as possible.

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